Neural Networks is the Future of Organisational Intelligence !!

Neural Networks is the next greatest evolution in Organisational Intelligence used mostly for customer satisfaction,fulfilling the client requirements and for managing productive target marketing.

What is the Neural Network??

Neural networks are a set of algorithms, modelled loosely after the human brain, that are designed to recognize patterns. Neural networks help us cluster and classify. Within the field of machine learning, neural networks are a subset of algorithms built around a model of artificial neurons spread across three or more layers. They interpret sensory data through a kind of machine perception, labelling or clustering raw input. The patterns they recognize are numerical, contained in vectors, into which all real-world data, be it images, sound, text or time series, must be translated.

Deep Learning and Neural Network

How a child learns through constant experiences and replication. Deep learning and Neural Network could provide unexpected business models for companies.

Deep Learning and Neural Network

Architecture of Neural Network

Neural Networks are complex structures made of artificial neurons that can take in multiple inputs to produce a single output. This is the primary job of a Neural Network to transform input into a meaningful output. Usually, a Neural Network consists of an input and output layer with one or multiple hidden layers within.

A biological and an artificial neuron
Back Propogation

Types on Neural Network

Convolutional Neural Network
Recurrent Neural Network
Artificial Neural Network
MNN Visual Representation

Applications of Neural Network

Image Processing and Character recognition: Neural Networks are playing a big role in image and character recognition. Character recognition like handwriting has lot of applications in fraud detection (e.g. bank fraud) and even national security assessments. Image recognition is an ever-growing field with widespread applications from facial recognition in social media, cancer detention in medicine to satellite imagery processing for agricultural and defence usage.

Neural Network Case Study of Google!!

Why is Google is Interested in Neural Network in the First Place..?

Artificial Intelligence Powering Google Products

Now that we know why Google has been focussing its efforts into incorporating Artificial Intelligence into a variety of its services, let’s take a look at some of the popular applications, services, and hardware from Google, that we commonly use.

Most Efficient Artificial Intelligence Powering Google Products —

  • Google Lens
  • Google Duplex
  • Google News
  • Google Finance
  • Cloud storage for consumers

What’s Next….

If Google continues in the same direction with the same enthusiasm with Neural Network,Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning it is very much likely that we might witness great leaps in several domains in the upcoming years.


Neural Network is the backbone of many organisations because of its huge benifits towards the businesses and good utilization of Huge Data .One of the Big MNC is Google who has become powerful and is enabling new solutions with the help of NN towards the problems in this modern age.

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