Set Up the Network Topology Between Three Systems!!

What is Network Topology ??

Network topology refers to the manner in which the links and nodes of a network are arranged to relate to each other in a specific mannar.

Network Topology

In Networking World there are lots of myths which are actually False if we are going to do it in practical mannar. This set up is also like that which is not possible but we can do it practically using basic networking concept.

How To Do This Task ??

This task can be done Using Routing Tables and <ifconfig> command in Linux System.

◼1st change default IP address of all three systems(A,B,C)

So here,IP address and Genmask/Netmask of all three systems are➡

System_A: Netmask:
System_B: Netmask:
System_C: Netmask:

◼Now add that IP’s in respective routing tables

◼Here all set up is done ,Now try to pinging system B from system A➡

its pinging well….try to ping system C from system A➡

Now,try to ping system B and C from each other➡

System B can’t ping System C…

System C can’t ping System B…

So In this way we can set up the Network Topology using routing tables in Linux System !!

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